Inauguration Week

Dear Colleagues,

I will keep this message short; the Week has arrived!  And it is a period full of reflection, conversation, and celebration.  The student athletic advisory committee was out working yesterday afternoon to make the campus shine in anticipation of more than 90 visitors who are scheduled to visit us.  So if you know any of them, please thank them for their effort. 

Also our facilities and grounds crew has been working overtime adding spit, polish, and paint to Old Main, the grounds, and other buildings….and they look great!  Large thanks to them for all of their energy to make the university look its best.

Today presents an opportunity to continue conversations over coffee; and we have the talk and concert by Gary Farmer, which is sure to be interesting.  Check out the schedule at

The Board of Regents makes a journey in this direction only about once in 7 years.  There are opportunities to engage the Regents during Thursday and Friday.  This is an important time to emphasize our interests as we look toward the next biennium and a changing landscape with regard to potential future flexibilities.  You can also witness what your colleagues will present on our behalf at the various meetings – we are scheduled to deliver four presentations in all (  Our Foundation and Alumni boards are also on campus and having meetings on those days.

I had to smile as I drove home through some flurries, having attended the student government association meeting last night – ??A-pril in Su-per-i-or ?!  (However, we ordered much better weather for Thursday!)


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